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At Pineview Family and Aesthetic Dentistry, we use thin porcelain or ceramic shells to cover stains, chips, gaps and many other teeth defects. We bond the shells directly to the surface of your teeth using a safe adhesive to make your teeth beautiful and natural-looking. While veneers are popular for their simplicity and versatility, we are well-equipped in terms of equipment, abilities and supplies to place your personalized veneers with the same level of care, attention and know-how as your natural teeth. Our team will expertly fit the veneers within the shortest time possible to enhance your smile and deliver expected outcomes at acceptable costs.


Our team of specialists expertly bond our ultra thin porcelain shells to your teeth, making them virtually invisible. Our high quality ceramic shells are highly resistant to stains from cigarettes, dark-colored foods, coffee and tea. Additionally, they are basically indistinguishable from your natural teeth. The veneers are as good as your natural, healthy, white tooth enamel in terms of strength and appearance.

We use superior materials to formulate the composite shells, thus outperforming replacement solutions available in other dental practices. Moreover, the replacements are durable, they can improve your smile and can last for long periods of time such as ten years.


Our resident dentist Dr. Gannon Stahl has the necessary technical skills required for veneer placement and bonding procedures. He uses the latest technological advancements and techniques to create ceramic shells according to a patient’s needs and demands. Dr. Stahl and the dental team take their time and effort in working with patients to develop comprehensive individual treatment plans. His expertise will ensure you have the smile you deserve within the shortest period.


Proper care and maintenance will ensure your replacements give you a beautiful, bright smile that will last for years to come. Our dental practice always makes sure our patients have up to date details about how to properly care for their porcelain veneers. We will show you the proper care practices for your veneers to prevent them from potential damage such as breaking easily. Our office is also open if you suffer an unforeseen situation such as broken veneers that need replacements.

For in-depth information about our veneers, call us or visit our office in your own time.

Our Awards

Seattle Met Top Dentist 2015