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Whitening your teeth will help you achieve the smile that you have always wanted. The safe, quick and affordable cosmetic procedure will lighten your teeth by removing any discolorations due to staining, chemical damage and aging. Our whitening technique is always a substantial option that will allow you to smile with confidence at reasonable costs. It is also a proven and effective cosmetic method for people of all ages. This dental procedure will correct brown, yellow and blotched teeth. It will also give you the long lasting solution to have that radiant smile that will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

We stand apart and surpass other practices because we pride ourselves in utilizing modern whitening technology in the field. Our dental cosmetic procedures are not limited to just the whitening option. We have options including crowns and porcelain veneers to restore the aesthetics and functions of severely stained teeth.


Setting up a consultation with Dr. Stahl for your teeth whitening treatment is easy and fast. We will set up your appointment around your most applicable time to make sure that your daily routines are not interrupted. During your consultation with Dr. Stahl, he will thoroughly examine your oral health prior making specialized mouth guards for your treatment.

One of our dental experts will give you a special whitening agent to apply on the mouth guards for the whitening process. The agent will help remove the discoloration from your enamel within the shortest time possible. To experience the whitening effect and prove the process effective, you only need to wear the guards every night for three to four hours for two weeks. The splints ensure that you do not have to replace existing dental procedures or modify a great part of your tooth build to get your desired smile.

Dr. Stahl will also take time in helping you achieve the brightness you want so you only need few treatments to preserve your smile. To ensure you get the results you only deserve, he will take accurate images to compare the appearance of your teeth before and after the treatment procedure.


Our team of specialists assures our patients’ safety throughout their treatments. With this in mind, we take the precaution to always advise our patients to use products or bleaching agents available at our dental practice instead of opting for over-the-counter whitening agents.

Our Awards

Seattle Met Top Dentist 2015