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Our dental implants will provide support for restorations that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The implants are made of titanium posts that we place into the jawbone. We install implants that create a stronger foundation for the replacement, preserve natural facial structure, and prevent further bone degradation. The replacements allow you to eat anything you want and to smile confidently.


We will conduct a thorough dental/radiographic examination and health history before recommending the procedure as the best solution. During your consultations, Dr. Stahl or a recommended Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon in our referral list will sit with you to determine your problem and discuss your needs. Our dedicated team will make the necessary efforts to work more closely with you to ensure your implant surgery is a success.


Our artificial tooth root substitutes are secure fasteners for restorations. One of our specialists will execute a two-phase surgery to place the implants into your jawbone and secure narrow posts for better support.

During the first phase, our specialist will place your dental implants in your jawbone. After this first placement, the specialist will let the implants bond with the jawbone and gum for about three to six months. During the bonding period, our dental team will provide temporary dentures and recommend a soft diet plan for your comfort and enjoyment. Concurrently, the dental experts will begin constructing the final replacement that will improve the look, feel and function of your teeth. You can read more about dental implants on this Wikipedia page

When the tissues heal and the implants have completely bonded to the jawbone and gums, the second phase will be implemented. Our oral surgeon will uncover the posts and insert extensions that will stick out past your gums. The leading Bellevue dentist will also take new impressions of your teeth to fit the restorations over the extensions. You will experience minimal disruption in your daily life during the entire procedure.

Contact us now for more information about our dental implant procedure.

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