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We commend you for your proactive approach to your dental health. You regularly brush and floss your teeth (as well as help your family to do so), you’ve taken up preventative measures such as regular annual checkups scheduled for teeth cleanings and addressing any underlying dental issues before they can create bigger problems.

But what happens when you are suddenly facing a dental crisis? More often than not, the pain you are experiencing can’t wait! That’s when you call us, an emergency dental practice in Bellevue, WA.


Your dental crisis can include an exhaustive list of issues:

  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Intense toothache
  • Bleeding gums
  • Missing or knocked-out tooth
  • Facial swelling and pain around the jawline
  • Tooth infection


If you’ve got a dental crisis that needs immediate attention you may experience difficulties finding the right emergency dentist to handle your emergency with care and skills.

Perhaps, you could to try seek care at your local ER, but there is no guarantee it could provide the care you need for your dental issues, and would probably just prolong the pain or risk more damage to your teeth and gums. Wouldn’t it be better to have a licensed Bellevue, WA emergency dentist available to you?

Fortunately, Pineview Aesthetic & Family Dentistry is among dental clinics that offer such expanded services, allowing you to get your dental emergency addressed on a last-minute basis between scheduled bookings.

Do You Have Emergency Dental Care You Can Count On?

Therefore, when the inevitable happens and you are suffering a dental emergency that demands urgent consideration, don’t hesitate to call on Pineview Aesthetic & Family Dentistry. We are ready and willing to be your Bellevue emergency dental clinic and restore you to full comfort and health!

Do not wait to suffer. Call us now and learn more about our emergency dental services we provide to all of Bellevue!

Our Awards

Seattle Met Top Dentist 2015