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Dental crowns cover weak teeth to restore their shape, appearance, size and strength. Our crowns will restore teeth damaged beyond repair and bring back your attractive smile. Our dental crowns expertise involves using advanced technology to repair severe dental problems and provide everlasting solutions to tooth loss. Dr. Gannon Stahl, has adequate knowledge and experience in dental crown procedures. He uses superior materials to make remarkable changes in your smile.


Our crowns will replace your missing teeth and resolve major teeth problems caused by staining, diseases, chipping and traumas. We provide crowns made of superior and durable materials compared to tooth loss solutions from other dental practices.

Our crowns’ strength allows them to work as lifelong solutions to chewing problems. The caps strengthen your tooth structure while providing the needed support to asymmetrical or badly cracked teeth.

We recommend our crowns if conventional treatments such as porcelain veneers are not applicable options. Our team also uses the crowns to prevent breakage with root canal fillings. We also treat the most severe dental conditions using our high-grade porcelain crowns or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. These crowns feel and look completely natural, thus giving you a more appealing smile than what other practices will offer.


After two visits to our office, you will have the smile you have always dreamed of. At your first visit, our resident dentist may examine the teeth by taking a few x-rays. In preparation for the next appointment he will remove any damaged part and reshape the teeth before making impressions of the recipient teeth. We will provide a temporary crown while waiting for your final replacement. On your next appointment, the temporary crown will be removed by Dr, Stahl and then fit your custom crowns. Certain adjustments may be made to make sure the crowns fit properly.

Kindly call or visit our office now if you have any questions or concerns with our dental crown procedure.

Our Awards

Seattle Met Top Dentist 2015